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The VS-AXESS-4ETL is a powerful, reliable, and stable access controller for 4 doors. This system can connect up to 4 door magnetic inputs, 4 door switch inputs, and 4 card readers (wiegand interface). The uplink and downlink adopt TCP/IP while wiegand communicates respectively. Its signal is processed with special encryption and can be run offline. Anti-tampering function is also supported. You have the capability of up to 10,000 users for the system as well. An incredible feature of this system is all the different card types supported. You have normal, disabled, blacklist, patrol, visitor, duress, super card, etc. These can all be monitored and set up with your own custom notifications for each. Speaking of notifications, the panel includes tamper-proof alarm for card reader, unsecured door alarm, forced entry door alarm, alarm for door opening timeout, duress alarm, and alarm for invalid card swiping attempts alarm. You can also set up an insufficient storage alarm for offline event, network break alarm. You need to add more doors? Not a problem! You can purchase another panel for the necessary number of doors (1 door panel, 2 door panel, 4 door panel) and connect it to your current system. The software will integrate the new doors with your current doors and you are all set.